Devity is a multi-faceted development company, breathing physical life into mere ideas.

We specialize in designing software and interactive websites but also have experience in circuit designs with microcontrollers. Our experience with our own e-businesses has given us the experience to be able to also help with aspects of your business that extend beyond your web-presence.
Website Design more info and rates..  demos..
EventLister.com  - 12 Year old site, started with listings of craft shows, now lists 50,000 events/year. This is a 15,000+ hour project for code alone, data entry and maintenance would be another 15k+ hrs.
BeTheStudy.Devity.com - This is a data-mining web-application, so far about 100 hours are into it.
4thWayInfo.Devity.com - This is a info site with custom term linking software, so far about 20 hours are into it for coding and data entry.
KnollwoodPartners.com - A NJ consulting company. This is a standard few page business-info site, a 4 hour project.
ArtifactsOfTheNile.com - A jewelry designers website. About 4 hours.
WestWindJewelryCompany.com - A jewelry designers website. About 5 hours.
PhilvilleUSA.com - Classic Car Sales. About 6 hours.

Computer Security more info and rates..
Home PC malware removal, registry cleaning, patchs, maintenance
Wifi Network lockdown

Event Services more info and rates..
From finding exhibitors, to consulting about advertising, to helping you screen and jury applicants, we can do it all. Louy has 25 years experience in the vendor event business, having sold at thousands of events himself and through designing and running EventLister.com and CraftLister.com.

Prototype Design Services more info and rates..
Formally educated in Computer Engineering at Lehigh University, Louy has designed a MIPS microprocessor, both analog and digital circuits, and many devices based around microcontrollers. Designs have included:
* eMedicine Bottle - LCD display, open sensor, multilingual, data-logging of openings.
* Sonar Hat for Blind People - ultasonic distance ranging to voice recordings of distance warnings.
* Radio-Controlled Rocket Launcher - voice and display countdown, key, wireless operation.
* ISA PC slot data acquisition & IO card - basic IO used as a piece of design lab equipment.
* Audio Amplifiers - batter operated portables and larger home-sized amps.

Recent Clients

DoseCue.com  - Worked with DoseCue in some way for over a decade. I was at one point their lead software developer for a Qt Windows application that communicates over USB w/ a 'smart' pill bottle. I started w/ DoseCue as their electronic hardware designer for the bottle circuit, lid sensor, and firmware for previous bottle versions.

BatteriesDirect.com  - 10 Year old site. Started w/ them in Jan 2012. Added import of supplier XML feed. Made security and performance enhancements. Fended of a 3,000 ip botnet DDOS attack that peaked with requesting 10k pages per minute and the site still usable for customers even during the peak once attack-handling was implemented via a few custom scripts.

WordJack.com  - Worked on their backend web-servers for in-house use. Hardened servers. Working on DB schema changes to allow unlimited keywords per client rather than current limit of 5.

DimiTech.com  - Developed a browser based javascript board game implementation according to their initial board layout and rules. Includes graphics, click to play, and AI or multi-player. About 20 hours of work, half that on the AI logic. Click for Working Demo


Devity is currently just Louy, Louis Marquette. I do have experts on hand in a variety of fields that I call on when needed. As none are truly staff, but hired hourly, I'll not list them here yet. But they include a few graphic artists, a Sr network admin, security experts, Qt specialists, smart-phone app makers, and more.

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