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Development Pricing

Prototype design is billed out at $100/hour + all component fees for design and prototypes.


Designs by Louy, BS in Computer Engineering, Lehigh University. Amateur Radio operator call sign N3TFC.

Design Types

Call me today and give me an overview of your idea. I'll let you know if it's something I can tackle, and what the approximate cost would be for it to be designed and prototyped.

I have experience with both analog & digital. Audio filters to full RF rx & tx circuits. Microprocessor design to microcontroller programming. I can write any PC software required for interfacing and data-exchange and design any web-interface required.

Past Designs

* eMedicine Bottle - Reminds at dose time and logs if and when bottle is opened.
  LCD display, lid open sensor, multilingual, data-logging of openings.
  300+ hours.

* eMedicine Pill Pack - Detects when a pill is popped out and logs dose time for doctors.
  Punch-out sensor for each pill, flexible PCB, data-logging and PC interface.
  100 hours.

* Temperature Excursion Monitor - Records the temperature every 10 minutes.
  EEPROM memory, low power design w/ processor usually in sleep, ultra-low power clock.
  20 hours.

* Sonar Hat for Blind People - Ultasonic distance ranging to voice recordings of distance warnings.
  Ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic audio amplifier, audio playback chip, microcontroller.
  100 hours.

* Radio-Controlled Rocket Launcher - Voice and display countdown, key, wireless operation.
  Counter ICs, BCD->7 Segment ICs, audio payback chip, wireless transmitter and receiver.
  10 hours.

* CPR Voice Assistance Aid - Walks user through CPR, asking first if: adult or child; breathing or not.
  Microcontroller, audio payback chip, buttons, & speaker.
  20 hours.

* Mother / Child Separation Alarm -  Device that does on mother and child and alarms if distance between them exceeds a threshold.
  RF rx & tx.
  30 hours.

* Audio-Playback Chip Recorder/Player - Device to record to audio playback chip used in other projects.
  5 hours.

* ISA PC slot data acquisition & IO card - basic IO used as a piece of design lab equipment.
  5 hours.

* Audio Amplifiers - batter operated portables and larger home-sized amps.
  2-10 hours.

* Telecommunications Interface - Started design on a telephone to VOIP device. Had hardware running, stopped development before software got beyond system initilization.
  168 pin MC68302, 16 bit data bus with SDRAM and EEPROM, DACs & ADCs, telephone line interface chip
  400+ hours.

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