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Website Design

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Site Development Pricing

Website design is billed out at $80/hr for most work. You only pay for design time and any changes you require us to make. Most of the content on your website will be editable by you through edit links directly on your site, available to anyone you designate as an admin. You can even upload and manage photos, videos, and documents all by yourself. We use a custom-built content-managment interface. You should only need us if you ever want to redo the look of the site or add new sections, etc. Even the menu or navigation tab-bar on your site will be editable by you, unless you choose to have an image-based menu.

Most sites for small businesses, events, or merchants can be done inexpensively. They do not require custom programming. We have an artist design multiple mock-up samples page-templates that you choose from and recommend changes to. That template is then used to generate all the pages of your site, with your content (which you are responsible for, though we can provide editing and writing services).

Development is a one-time cost. Once your site is designed, you only pay us recurring fees for hosting; you are responsible for domain name renewals. If you already have a website design and just need hosting, there will be no development fee.  - 12 Year old site, started with listings of craft shows, now lists 50,000 events/year. This is a 15,000+ hour project for code alone, data entry and maintenance would be another 15k hrs. - This is a data-mining web-application, so far about 100 hours are into it. - A NJ consulting company. This is a standard few page business-info site, a 4 hour project. - A jewelry designers website. About 4 hours. - Classic Car Sales. About 6 hours. - MP3 downloads, few pages, some graphics. About 3 hours. - Now offline. Was a full dating site, w/ over 300,000 registered users.
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Hosting Pricing

Basic Hosting for most sites is $100/year or $10/month. This will cover most people, unless you are running a very high-traffic website, generating more than 1,000 page-views per day.

Domain Name Registration

Domain names can not be bought, only rented by the year. If you ever loose your lock on it and let it expire, anyone else can start leasing it instead - many domains are lost this way!

You are responsible for purchasing and yearly renewing of your domain name registration, though we will help you select a domain name and walk you through the purchase if you need. You can purchase from any domain name registrar, but we recommend @ $35/year. There are slightly cheaper registrars, but customer-service other aspects such as security are not as good. answers their phone 24/7...

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